About Me


Born and raised in Tuscany, I now live in Luxembourg. I have been teaching and coaching Italian online since before the pandemic moved education to digital platforms. My passions? Foreign languages ​​and technology. Yes, this combination brought me naturally to online teaching, an enjoyable occupation with worldwide clients.

My teaching style is informal and communicative. I am patient and motivating, with a positive and energetic attitude to life. 

When I don’t teach I practice yoga and I go swimming. The best part of me? My children :)


kim Schon

Ohio U.S.A

Antonella is a wonderful language coach. She makes learning Italian so

interesting and fun. Since I started studying with Antonella, my understanding and expression of the Italian language have improved and have made great strides!

Maria Grudinina


I have been studying with Antonella since November last year. Lessons take place in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Antonella happily explains the meanings of the words, the grammar, the nuances in pronunciation. We communicate mainly in Italian (if something is completely incomprehensible, then in English). We work on all skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. I am happy to learn Italian with Antonella! Thank you!

Lucía Hernández Coderch


Antonella is an excellent coach! She is very capable, she explains Italian grammar in a clear, nice, and pleasant way. The lessons are great fun with a mix of speaking practice, grammar, reading and activities. Thanks Antonella!

David Hexter

United Kingdom

Excellent teacher and coach. Good empathy. She puts you at ease. Constructive and energetic. I highly recommend her!